Victoria Storm

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

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Music as Magic and Medicine

Research shows the transformative impact music can have on brain and body. This week our Genius Podcast featured expert Victoria Storm, an extraordinary musician, music therapist, and leader.

This episode will increase your ability to tap into music in daily life especially during these times. It will give you prescriptions for making the most of this incredible resource.

As a performing artist, it is not surprising Victoria Storm is also an entertaining speaker full of stories and inspiration.

Lastly, it should be known that Diane Wilson once got to sing accompanied by Victoria and her band, Kettlestrings. The experience made clear to her that anyone wanting run away and be in a rock band had a totally understandable goal.


Singer-songwriter Victoria Storm’s songs are an introspective commentary on the classic themes of joy and struggle, loss and success, resentment and release. Her songs always provide good melodies and heartfelt sentiments. She performs at local venues, festivals, and throughout the Midwest, including songs from her 2017 EP release “Hidden.” Storm is also commissioned to write and record custom songs for special occasions. As a board-certified music therapist, Storm develops and delivers music therapy services in hospital systems, in her own private practice, and contracts with additional music therapists and educators to further extend her mission of making music accessible. She loves performing “Caring Concerts” for sensitive audiences, giving inspirational keynote concerts, and educational presentations on music therapy.

She is currently creating a new collection of songs coming to streaming services and for purchase soon, and working on her first recoding project with her band Kettlestrings. She is also actively exploring house concerts if any listeners are interested in discussing the possibility of hosting an evening of music in their home/venue.


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