Sayed Tabatabai, M.D.: Frontline Physician, Writer and Social Media Voice

Updated: May 2, 2021

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Podcast Description

Dr. Sayed Tabatabai is a nephrologist in San Antonio with the soul of a writer who finds purpose in sharing stories that mirror his experiences. In our podcast, he explores the rollercoaster of emotions including grief, wonder, and connection, and the sacred space of being a physician with his patients.  The “@TheRealDoctorT” as he is known on Twitter, helps us find the beauty and calling of this strange moment in time through sharing his stories on Twitter. 

His notoriety and following have increased geometrically as he helps us see and feel more deeply the love in these most challenging moments. He is a physician who blossomed as an artist and writer during these darkest times. He helps people heal and feel less afraid not just in the hospital but also on social media and an increasingly wide platform including the Wall Street Journal and National Public Radio. 


Dr. Sayed Tabatabai, MD is a nephrologist in San Antonio, TX and has over 16 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Albany Medical College medical school in 2004, completed his residency at Tufts Medical Center and fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He is currently in private practice.

Dr. Tabatabai has been working with COVID-19 patients, during the pandemic and shares his experiences in a unique way, through social media. He enjoys a huge and beloved social media presence, especially on Twitter where he has over 50,000 faithful followers. He has written over 100 fictionalized and sometimes sci-fi patient stories that have been shared on Twitter which are being incorporated into an upcoming book. His writing speaks to the human experience of medicine and life on many levels and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, San Antonio Express-News,, Physician’s Weekly, & podcast series including The Journal of Clinical Pathways and National Public Radio. He was honored this year as one of San Antonio Top Doctors 2020, by San Antonio


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