Sarah Gray

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

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Injury, COVID and the Enigmatic Brain

A long-awaited conversation with a leader in the field of Health Psychology from Boston, Dr. Sarah Gray. In this episode, you will gain her expertise on health psychology and brain health from the many roles she has in her career including program director, instructor at the Harvard Medical School, researcher, and psychotherapist. She was drawn to this field early on, having come from a family of healers. Dr. Gray collaborated on a team of other experts in a pivotal project called the "U.S. National Impact Report," which studied the emotional impact of COVID-19 and developed a reliable and valid instrument for other researchers to use.

Dr. Gray read Brain Dance in advance of the release, and shares her experience working with patients who have been diagnosed with, or might be experiencing traumatic brain injury or Post-Concussion Syndrome. She also shares her experience working with individuals who have long-lasting brain impairments from COVID-19, many resembling chronic brain injuries. She also lets us into her more personal passions, sharing about her love for art, and how she sometimes uses art therapy as a means of exploration and reflection.


Sarah Gray, Psy.D. is a Harvard Medical School Instructor, and a clinical health psychologist in Boston Area hospitals and at her private practice, Integrative Psychology, PC in Arlington, MA. She provides psychotherapy, behavioral medicine, and biofeedback and neurofeedback to her patients and has a particular area of specialty and interest in treating patients who have experienced the effects of a brain injury.


Twitter: @drsarahNgray

Instagram: @integrativepsychology.pc

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