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Updated: May 20, 2021

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Life, Liberty, Happiness and the Hard Ask

It’s the week of Thanksgiving during the COVID-19 pandemic that has only worsened. Most of us are hunkered down at home where we're craving to be with family and friends for the holiday that is steeped in tradition. While trying to navigate the holiday's limitations, this year I'm also focused on the health crisis and what it means for myself and others.

That caused me to contact physician Dr. Mark Shapiro whom I've come to know via social media. Dr. Shapiro sits in the center of a large network of colleagues and is active in leadership in the medical community. He’s in Northern California not far from where the relentless wildfires occurred. I want to know how he coped with COVID, the threat of wildfires, and the mountain of information we're all faced with daily. I wanted to hear the human side of what his life is like:

- Is he afraid or optimistic? What does he see from his vantage point for the rest of us – as a doctor, a leader, husband, father, and neighbor?

- What do we need to know about the pandemic?

- What should we do to take care of ourselves and our families? I mean, tangible things.

- How can help frontline healthcare?

Dr. Shapiro is a veteran podcaster who has hosted the Explore the Space podcast for over five years. You’ll enjoy him as someone easy to listen to and easy to like and trust. I am grateful that he joined us during this important time.


Mark Shapiro, MD is the creator and host of Explore The Space Podcast, a show focused on bringing those who provide healthcare and those who seek healthcare closer together through conversations with leaders from across the spectrum. The show can be found at .

Dr. Shapiro has been in clinical practice as a Hospitalist since 2006 and currently is a full-time Hospitalist at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital with St. Joseph Health Medical Group in Santa Rosa, CA. He earned a BA in history at University of California-Los Angeles, attended medical school at Baylor College of Medicine and completed his Internal Medicine residency at University of California-San Diego.

Dr. Shapiro is an active voice on Twitter and can be followed at @ETSshow.

His LinkedIn is Mark Shapiro, MD.

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