Mark C. Crowley

Updated: May 20, 2021

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Interviewing the Interviewer: A Life of Purpose and Role Model for New Podcasters.

In the time of Hanukkah and Christmas, the height of the global pandemic, and just weeks away from inaugurating a new president of the United States. It's a momentous and yet perfect time to interview world-class podcaster Mark C. Crowley.

Host Diane Wilson and Crowley tackle a wide range of topics including the impact of his bestselling book, "Lead from the Heart;" what it's like to be him on a day-to-day basis during this crazy time; and his advice for new podcasters. Since 2018, Crowley's podcast has featured industry leaders and grown to be heard in over 140 countries.

This is recommended listening for all before ending this extraordinary year and starting a new one. It's inspiring, candid, and full of insights to stimulate your personal development.


Mark Crowley has been guiding individuals and teams to achieve record breaking sales and profitability performance in the financial services industry for 25 years. His focus is on the most authentic driver of human engagement there is - emotional connection.

Mark prioritizes the demonstration to everyone he works with that he cares about them, values them and trusts them, a practice not common among peers in the field. He invests time in strengthening relationships, discussing personal and professional goals, and making an authentic commitment to help clients fulfill their dreams.

He has even taken these practices globally, presenting his collection of evidence that the most successful form of motivation for human beings in the workplace is to positively affect their hearts. He stresses that how managers make their employees feel has the most profound influence on whether their teams produce at mediocre levels – or excel.

This work has led to the launch of Mark’s “Lead From The Heart” podcast in 2018. The podcast aims to bring together world-class authors, innovators, CEOs, researchers, and other top thinkers whose work inherently adds unique support, validation & dimension to the Lead from the Heart leadership philosophy.

Mark’s work as a speaker and organizational culture consultant has opened the door of engagement with over 135,000 connections on Twitter – and once again shows how deeply people hunger for more caring, supportive and humane leadership. The COVID pandemic, if anything, has taught us that rigid, commanding and untrusting management no longer holds up. In this new age of virtual work, it’s even more essential that managers acquire a new skillset, and the ability to effectively connect with employees remotely while concomitantly driving performance.

His Twitter is @MarkCCrowley.

His LinkedIn is Mark C. Crowley.

Visit his podcast and website here.