Inna Khazan

Updated: May 24, 2021

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Mindfulness As A Superpower, Brain Dance and Life.

This interview was just like talking with a super smart friend who is thoughtful and has great ideas. In addition to being a leader in the field of mindfulness, a renowned teacher, an author of pivotal articles and books, Dr. Inna Khazan is a fun person to interview. She was an advance reader of Brain Dance, my new medical memoir. So, you’ll hear her honest reflections on Brain Dance, what it’s like to read it, and what readers will learn. You also will learn what mindfulness is, this is a term many people use, but may not truly understand; how to use this powerful tool to cope with the stress of our lives today; what her day-to-day life is like as a mindfulness expert and; how she even uses this tool with her own kids. Of course, there are other related juicy topics we’ll cover. Tune into this episode for an inspiring conversation.


Inna Khazan, PhD, BCB is a faculty member at Harvard Medical School, where she teaches and supervises trainees. She is clinical psychologist specializing

in health psychology and performance excellence training using biofeedback and mindfulness-based approaches. Dr. Khazan is the founder of Boston Center for Health Psychology and Biofeedback, working with clients on optimizing their health and performance.

Recognized as a pioneer in mindfulness-based biofeedback, Dr. Khazan is a popular speaker at national and international conferences on the topics of biofeedback and mindfulness. She has conducted biofeedback and mindfulness trainings for notable institutions in the US and abroad, including the US Navy Special Warfare, US Army Special Forces, and the Stuttgart Opera and Ballet Company.

Dr. Khazan serves as president of the board of directors for Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy (IMP), board member for the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB), and Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA), where she is currently chair elect.

Dr. Khazan writes for Psychology today, is the author of numerous journal articles and three books, including the highly-regarded Clinical Handbook of Biofeedback: A Step-by-Step Guide to Training and Practice with Mindfulness, and the popular Biofeedback and Mindfulness in Everyday Life: Practical Solutions for Improving Your Health and Performance.

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