Dr. Syed T. Hoda: On Running Toward, Not Away

Updated: May 2, 2021

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Podcast Description

This podcast from the fall series called "Voices in the Pandemic." It features esteemed pathologist and professor Dr. Syed T. Hoda in conversation with peak performance coach and applied neuroscientist Diane Grimard Wilson.

The central question concerns how Dr. Hoda's time interfacing NYC's frontline healthcare during the epicenter impacted him. How did it change him? And his life?

Briefly, Dr. Hoda took on a novel role in March 2020 as the pandemic took hold and NYC became an epicenter. He is one of the few Bone and Soft Tissue Pathologists in the US, a specialized field of Pathology. He describes what it was like to run toward and not away a virus that no one understood, to be a physician supporting the hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU) treating COVID, and to interface between ICU staff, very sick patients, and their families. He describes his experience as life-changing and is also implementing his insights into his thought-leadership on his work in physician training.

But there is more. Our episode also touches on other life and COVID-related topics: Dr. Hoda's father, a beloved elderly pediatrician who has no interest in retirement, his own son aged five who lives with him in NYC, looking more like a jazz musician than a doctor; on being a musician; the positive potential of social media; retraining the brain by taking risks, how not to let the world crush our creativity; and sleep quality -- Diane Wilson's favorite topic.

I hope our talk with Dr. Hoda will make you think, laugh, and reflect and that you enjoy it.


Dr. Syed T. Hoda is Director of Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology at New York University (NYU) and Director of Surgical Pathology at the NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital. Since the pandemic began, he has played a role implementing a program called Family Connect to ease the burden of ICU care during the heart of New York City’s epicenter, leading a team of pathologists and medical students.  This role was an entirely novel role for Pathologists and served as building block for larger changes he would like to see in his own profession.   

Dr. Hoda's recurrent mantra for other physicians (or any professionals) is "Person 1st, Physician 2nd, Specialist 3rd" as a reminder that the common denominator for any professional is being a person 1st.   

He was recently named to his 2nd straight Pathology Power List award for 2020 as well as featured on SiriusXM Doctor Radio as part of their episode on Covid Heroes. Also, listen for him on People of Pathology Podcast on October 5, 2020.

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