Ann Latinovich: An Artist on Losses, Lupus, Lessons and the Pandemic

Updated: May 2, 2021

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Podcast Description

Ann Latinovich, an internationally-recognized portrait artist, wife, and boy-mom to three teenagers, opened the studio of her dreams on Chicago’s Northshore in the fall of 2019. It was a special event with harps playing, delicious appetizers, a room filled with friends, clients, and beautiful art. Just a few months later, it became all too clear that any meetings in-person and even keeping her new studio were no longer possibilities.

Having lived with Lupus most of her life, Latinovich knew the potential for getting COVID was too risky. The pandemic plays no favorites with dreams. Questions during our podcast: How did she find meaning in the devastation of her career goals, craft, and how she makes a living? How does anyone create a new life after such a loss?  Ann is an inspiring human, filled with grace and optimism as she has taken on this challenge.  She discusses finding a way to ride the emotional roller coaster, lessons she's learning, habits she's developing to rewire her brain, new rituals now serving her and her family, and why she hates the term "career pivot." 


Ann Latinovich is an internationally recognized portrait artist who was forced to confront covid and life with an autoimmune disease earlier this year. In an effort to maximize safety for herself and her clients, Latinovich made the painful decision to close the portrait studio she’d only just opened in 2019. She decided to more forward serving only her most loyal portrait clients via on-location sessions throughout the remaining of the year, and to push studio sessions into Spring of 2021. With newfound time on her hands and suffering the heartbreaking loss of her dream studio, Latinovich dove into creating a new body of personal work that offered hope and reflection on her life as a woman, wife, mother, artist and friend. Latinovich shares what life has been like while diving deep into stillness and meditation.

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