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The best of science, neuroscience, health, learning and human stories. Diane Wilson, LCPC, BCN, applied neuroscientist and coach shares her consuming curiosity by interviewing some of her most fascinating people. These are conversations to help you feel connected, embrace your fears, become more informed, cultivate, and share your own genius, be present, and still look forward with inspiration.  

Our Podcast Series...

Aligning with the recent release of Brain Dance, which became a #1 Bestseller, is our podcast series on Sciencing Our Human Potential. Our focus in these fascinating conversations:

  • How do we transform?

  • How do we stay at our best...and even thrive in situations that we have no control over? Like a pandemic, or a brain injury?

  • How can best we learn and grow from events we can't change.

  • Especially, we will tap into the wonders of modern neuroscience and the power of human stories.  


This series features a group of speakers, experts and amazing humans, and includes some of our genius guests from past episodes. 

To learn more about Brain Dance, get the backstory, order your own copy and hear what our readers are saying, join us at 

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