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The best of science, neuroscience, health, learning and human stories. Diane Wilson, LCPC, BCN, applied neuroscientist and coach shares her consuming curiosity by interviewing some of her most fascinating people. These are conversations to help you feel connected, embrace your fears, become more informed, cultivate, and share your own genius, be present, and still look forward with inspiration.  

Coming Soon... Spring & Summer Series

Aligning with the upcoming release of Brain Dance and the renewal of spring is our new podcast series on Sciencing Our Human Potential.

  • How do people transform?

  • How do people stay at their best...and even thrive in situations that they have no control over? Like a pandemic, or a brain injury?

  • What are the ways that we learn and grow from the events we can't change? Especially tapping into the wonders of modern neuroscience. 


This series introduces a group of speakers and experts, amazing humans, including some related to Diane's journey as shared in Brain Dance. To learn more about this book and what our advanced readers are saying, join us at braindancebook.com

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Special Features

Mark C. Crowley

Mark Shapiro, MD

Linda Girgis, MD

La Jolla, California

Santa Rosa, California

South River, New Jersey

Creator & Host of Explore

the Space Podcast

Family Physician

& Co-Editor of Physician's Weekly

Bestselling Author and Global Speaker on Extraordinary Employee Engagement

Fall Series: "Voices in a Pandemic"

Dacre Knight, MD, MS

Mayo Clinic Florida

Scientist, Doctor, Father during a Pandemic

Sayed Tabatabai, MD

San Antonio Kidney, Texas

Beloved Doc Whose Pandemic Writing Now Heals on Social Media  

Ann Latinovich


An Artist: On Losses, Lupus, Lessons and the Pandemic

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Syed T. Hoda, MD

New York University/Langone Hospital

Pathologist Thought-Leader

Running Toward, Not Away 

Michelle Wrighte

Lyric Opera Chicago

Professional Singer in the Job of Her Dreams until Everything Stopped. 

Arghavan Salles, MD, PhD

Surgeon, Stanford University

Joined ICU COVID Frontline in both NYC and Arizona epicenters. Yogini. 

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